Creativity and silence don’t seem to be hostile; actual creativity comes most effective out of silence. The creativity this is in opposition to silence is not anything however a feverish process of the thoughts. When one thing is born from your silence, then it has importance.

And one has to reside in silence earlier than one can write or say one thing treasured, as a result of most effective in silence do you acquire, do the juices of your being turn out to be built-in… after which at some point you’re able to overflowing. This is creativity: overflow is creativity, overflowing power is creativity. One can write, one can compose, one can sculpt, one can paint, simply from the thoughts.

Then they’re healing. There’s a creativity that comes out of rest — I name it true creativity — and there’s a rest that comes out of so-called creativity; that rest is most effective since you are unburdened. Now it not more haunts you, you’re feeling just right. It used to be like a burden in your head.

Inside a couple of days you are going to once more be confused, once more tensions will collect and once more you could find irresistible to do one thing. And all the time while you do one thing, you are going to really feel comfortable.… So, people who find themselves too confused with pondering will all the time really feel comfortable after they’ve spoken, as a result of whilst they’re talking, they can not assume. – Manila Information-Intelligencer

Jonathan Bennett Manila Creativity